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Goverment waste

Talk about waste, in Arizona they're working on a fancy new light rail system. Total estimated cost? $1,000,000,000. Now that's alot of money, considering that I've heard it's only going to be able to move 1,800 people at a time or 27,000 people a day.
Now lets look at other options for them:
In the 2000 census there were a reported 5,130,632 people in arizona...give THEM the money...okay, that would only be $194, but hey...

Give those 27,000 people a new car worth ~$37,000. Heck you could give 50,000 people new cars with that money, make Arizona the official 'new car state'.

Problem with giving those people cars is polution, instead how about giving out Segways? You know those scooter deathdrap things that allmost killed our president. At $4,000 a peice they could buy 500,000 of them. That would make people happy.

And finally, how about bringing back those purple bikes*? You can easily get a bike for $194, so everyone in Arizona would get a free bike. Instead of what happened last time, with the 'purple people movers'.

Why I'm opposed to the light rail system:

First there's allready busses, we don't need a light rail system that costs $1,000,000,000 that is only two tracks running trough only a small portion of the city. Give the money to all the bums around here or something, or just start a bum export system where we'll export our bums to citys that need them.
Some idiot decided to save money by using gravel instead of paving in between the tracks. Keep in mind that these tracks are running going to be right in the middle of some of the more high traffic roads (good idea!). Let me guess, Maaco and the auto glass assiociation of Arizona are sponsering this or something? Also...people in arizona like to steal stuff, luckily there's loose gun control laws so we can't steal from each other so we end up stealing from the goverment. I'm willing to bet that people will be selling the gravel on ebay 'Official Arizona light rail system gravel $.50'. Plus, the drivers in Arizona arn't that good. 1000 ton train going through the center of town + idiots in their suvs = Splat.
Have I mentioned the money? If you really want to get people to Arizona or improve it's image, how about 100% free wireless high speed internet for everyone in the state? That would get people to come, and it wouldn't cost all that much considering the results.

*About the 'purple people movers':
Several years ago there was a new grand idea, offer free bikes for people to use while in downtown Pheonix. The honor system would keep people from taking the bikes. If I remember there was somewhere in the order of 10,000 bikes, all painted purple (so that way they could identify them). They had it on the news for weeks how this was going to revolutonize stuff, and how smart the people were for coming up with such a brilliant idea.
Yep, of course you guessed it. In less then a week, all of them suddenly dissapeared. Although rumor has it that there was a sudden spike in the sales of spray paint. And for some reason homeless people suddenly had bikes of their own, painted in a myriad of colors from white, to orange. Sadly, you don't see that many homeless people with bikes anymore. They've all been traded in for money so they've gone back the traditional transporation device: The shopping cart.
Several years later, Arizona is now has the one of the highest car theft rates in the USA. My guess is that punks stole that the bikes have now graduated to if anyone in Arizona wants to know who they have to thank for such high insurance, now you know.