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We've all seen popups like this, but do the programs they advertise actually work?
What they say:
InternetALERT is an absolute "MUST" for anyone connecting to the Internet! It will notify you if someone is breaking into your computer, stop them dead in their tracks, and even build a visual map showing you the Attacker's ISP (Internet Service Provider) location! Even if you use a Firewall or Proxy server, you are still at risk! No system is 100% safe! You can now connect to the Internet with the comfort and security of knowing that no one from the Internet can access your computer without your knowledge or permission!

What the program does:
Open up ports that hackers are known to use and then monitor those ports for connections.

What does this mean?
Simple, A "hacker" or "script kiddie" will be more likely to target your computer after the results of a random scan. Because your computer when you have InternetALERT up and running, looks just like their ultimate dream.

What doesn't this do that other firewalls do?
InternetALERT can't even be considered a firewall, any trojan can change the port it's running on can bypass it! InternetALERT doesn't block outgoing connections, it will not stop trojans, spyware, worms or any other malicious programs.

What should I do instead of downloading InternetALERT? offers ZoneAlarm for free, it offers more protection then most other firewall programs. If you want more features then you can upgrade to ZoneAlarm pro for less then the price of InternetALERT. ZoneAlarm will block most if not all malicious programs from accessing the internet and will completely stealth your computer on the internet!
If you don't have a firewall, get one today.